Are you ready for Radiotherapy ?

Whats is ready ?? How will i know if i am ready … What do i have to do to be ready

If its have my appointments booked – ive done that

If its make sure they chhildrens are looked after – done

Make sure i can get to my appointments  – yep

If its emotionally accept you have cancer which has spread and cry about it !! NOPE

If its accept this is propper shit and stop smiling over the smallest thing as thats what your supposed to do then nope.


anyways on that bombshell – heres my day !


Im only wearing a bloody skirt !!! Never usually happens !  and its my £2.50 from a charity shop bargain too lol


It got a bit chilly so we had our BBQ inside – turns out Boo likes cous cous lol !! please excuse her haor its full of coconut oil to help with terrible cradle cap – poor think keeps scratching it till it bleeds but i can happiily say coconut oil actially works !!


The other man in my life !! scoffing his dinner bless him – hes a good boy xx


I was a lovley day the children were happy other than a rather impressive hour and a half of crazy boo tantrum after tantrum etc but shes 2 so to be expected –

I even managed to eat some meat – from a slice of belly pork and it was amazing – cut up timy i managed but it left me extreemly swollen and ive had to take full whack meds ever since – heyho wont do that again in a hurry –

I did lots of crafting too – i will get some pictures up tomorrow when the light is better


Smiling on the outside – lots of loves

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