So I am late updating yesterday coz i was shattered lol

I had my plastics appointment and that went swimmingly (pic below of arm) and i had a bit of a worry i had a lump appear on my “arm tongue” and well i was worried it was the cancer – so we asked the plastics nurse to call up to Mr Moss  pctured below to see if he woujld see me to put my mind at rest ! well his clinic was over booked but he still said yes bless him – he genuinly is a kind man and is so approachable, anyways they are harmless and panic over –

we then went for a hotchocolate – well luke warm with extra  milk for me lol

Mr MossMr Moss

imageDoc Brown …. one of D’s docs – she has these weird shakes which are actually harmless but very scary for us both and hes the chap who rules out epilepsy .. we ran into him at the coffee place and he posed like a pro lol

imagearm pic ….. looking ace i think you will agree or as my craft group ladies said it looks likes a sperm or tadpole !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know right .. cheeky fuckers !




The crafy night lol and the silly sods .. was fab tho – i laughed till my belly hurt …

imageLast one this is my trachi site – its 90% closed !!! wooohooooooooooo


Right i am signing off .. please shared my blog i would love to get more people reading my journey xx

last think expect glasses fashion show as i am off to the optition later lol