Busy morning and back to crafting :-)

So today was the day of both my dentist appointment, and G’s MRI – Dentist went fine other than one lose filling which he’s gonna sort out for me next week, and G’s MRI was fine he fell asleep in in the tunnel !! i sware that man can sleep anywhere – for anyone who hadn’t had an MRI they are so loud you are given ear defenders which only dull the sound its ridiculously loud!!


We then decided to go to Dunelem mill for a  bread bin- as you do, but came out with some lovely fabric to make some cushions in the livingroom. I love to sew and have a fancy pants machine which is not getting used like it should atm.


It seemed a good time to go to pizza hut then lol ~!! well why the hell not lol !! and i did better 0 each “bite” was the size of a piece of sweetcorn so it look a while but look what i managed !




And of course pudding . yummmmahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

imageMe playing silly buggers before we set off !!
imageI sware he is addicted to that stuff !!! bloody stinks eeewwwww but look at that smile x

imageG being lovingly attacked but our woofs !! Maggie the collie and kiki the labrador who is as mad as a box of frogs and some but the are both amazing and i could not be without them.. since i now sleep down stairs they looks after me !! if i am cold i invite them onto the bed – usually kiki – Maggie is getting old so needs a bit of help, but Maggie is special and “notifies” me of infections and has never been wrong and given my history she’s literally been a life saver – she even knew about our miscarriage before we did !!! shes very special even if she does insist on shedding constantly lol !


And this is me back to crafting for fun  – its be over 6 weeks which is mad reahhly well it is for me – i am usually sewing everyday and making something here and there .. this is decopatch .. and its amazing my friend H gave me a small kit when i had my back op and i tried it and today on my first “big project” and i loved it was so much fun !

I am thinking of selling this to but another one — maybe i could run an auction on here ?? lol

I’m feeling very positive today i have smiled and laughed a lot – mainly at my divvy of a husband who never fails to make me laugh – for example today when my back went into spasm (bloody painful ) he had me in stitches – just by being daft !


so lots of smiles and happiness and i hope my pics make you smile too lots of loves xx

2 thoughts on “Busy morning and back to crafting :-)”

  1. Looks like you had a great day today. Eatiing is coming along a treat 🙂 so proud of you! Your mirror looks amazing, I love decoupage too, so I’m glad you are enjoying it.


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