So turns out my doc wasnt making it up

So i have mentioned my sickness and given i haven’t even started my treatment cannot be a good sign – this all came to a head a few days ago when a trip to tesco – 15 minutes in the car reduced me to a gibbering wreck – and too much info – i was throwing up so badly i was bringing up blood which i will admit scared me – due to all my surgery and if i was doing damage –

anyways off to the docs we went and we had a 2 for 1 offer a doc who was training and the head honcho doc supervising, he was rather thorough – but came back with Labyrinthitis… top which i replied in only a way i can ” your making this up!” he assured me he wasn’t and gave me some tablets to dissolve on my gum.

what got me about this consultation was he kept swaying or demonstrating what Labyrinthitis was but pretending to be a plane with one engine down and therefore rocking form side to side— i must have told him ten times – in the end i kind of hoped i would vom on his carpet just to make my point – but it was not meant to be. I then went to see my second family aka the pharmacy – tbh its pretty embarrassing they know me and my med and yes I’m sure its coz they are amazing at their jobs and remember their patients but mostly i think its we are there so bloody often – either way g had got to call tmw lol

this is what i have found out about this – apparently not made up Labyrinthitis

Labyrinthitis is an ailment of the inner ear[1] and a form of unilateral vestibular dysfunction. It derives its name from the labyrinths that house the vestibular system, which senses changes in head position. Labyrinthitis can cause balance disorders, vertigo, hearing loss and tinnitus.

Labyrinthitis is usually caused by a virus, but it can also arise from bacterial infection, head injury, extreme stress, an allergy or as a reaction to medication. Both bacterial and viral labyrinthitis can cause permanent hearing loss.

Labyrinthitis often follows an upper respiratory tract infection (URI).



A prominent and debilitating symptom of labyrinthitis is severe vertigo. The vestibular system is a set of sensory inputs consisting of three semicircular canals, sensing changes in rotational motion, and the otoliths, sensing changes in linear motion. The brain combines visual cues with sensory input from the vestibular system to determine adjustments required to retain balance. The vestibular system also relays information on head movement to the eye muscle, forming the vestibulo-ocular reflex to retain continuous visual focus during motion. When the vestibular system is affected by labyrinthitis, rapid and undesired eye motion (nystagmus) often results from the improper indication of rotational motion. Nausea, anxiety, and a general ill feeling are common due to the distorted balance signals that the brain receives from the inner ear. care of Wikipedia !!


So what i have gleamed from this and what the doc said – my inner ear is buggered for now due to all the swelling and un swelling so i have no natural balance so feel giddly and pukie alot, which explains why being in a car is pure torture .. why last night i was holding onto the bed so i didn’t fall off and this random sense of the room spinning – all of which are as fun as they sound !!


but in all honestly it could be worse I could have cancer !!Oh wait !! yeah i know cheap shot – but it seem stupid to be moaning about my bloody inner ear – once of the smallest parts of my body – when i have cancer -its such a mind fuck !! I know this cancer if left would kill me and if i am honest i haven’t asked “my chances” since the new info ie its spread….

Before this information it was “aiming for cure” but that was before – i am guessing we are in the percentages stage now – what is a good percentage when it comes to cancer – cos surely by the fact you have cancer you have used up your quota of bad luck so 70/30 is great – or is that great anyways when it comes to cancer – i think i will have to ask on the 24th ..


I have the dentist tmw to do a dental review – this is to look at my teeth and decide in the next “ever” do you think she will need and teeth out – if yes – do it now so that you dont have to after radiotherapy as her jaw might break !! i kid you not – ive already had 3 out to give better access to the tumour and they were fine !


Im gonna end up toothless with a wonky smile but it will be ok coz i will be slim pmsl


Wonky toothless smiles all round – over and out


1 thought on “So turns out my doc wasnt making it up”

  1. I hope that it’s short lived and you stop feeling sicky all the time. it makes things so miserable when u feel constantly sick. so it’s understandable that it’s getting you down a bit

    hope dentist goes well hun

    sending gentle hugs xxx


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