I must admit I’m fellign ok – (franticly touching wood) – obviously i am still in alot of pain from my arma and neck but its pretty well controlled as a rule.


Little miss D who as 2 in March had hit the OMG the world is gonna end unless i have “that” biscuit right now – terrible twos – with style. I darent tell the family as they will say “she just like you!” which i realise is partly true.

When D tantrums she does it in style we range drom head banging to head butting to smacking herself in the face and sometime the old favourite – screaming like you are beating her with a big stick !!

Toady we went to G’s work – lots of people in uniform appearing to do lots of work – we went to see one guy first g’s immediate boss – it was very relaxed and we spoke about the transport that they have offered and gave them the dates – if she was shocked by the amout he hid it well – he was so bloody jolly tho and for a long time i had no idea why – until he had a football conversation with G it went something like this

Boss – bla bla bla bla match

G grumble grumble

B – blue bla bla bla

G some thing something points

B something bla bla last match

G – ——————————– ahh bugger it you get the jist lol


he then invited into his office his big boss and the big big boss who was suprisingly unscary .. a really nice woman – well tehy both were actually teh seemed genuinly interested and it was relaxed so that was good.


The off to the doctors for a nurse appt for a dressing change – on arriving i said “ot went pop last night and hurt” she looked at me gone out but when she opened the pressing she was a bit shocked to see a peice of metal on the skin which had “worked its way out” now she didnt recognise it and suspected soemthing may have broken off something !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 but i will see advice from the plastics team !!


I am fellin g pretty good and i think i can put it down to sleep – G has insited i have more and it has helped – bit i wont tell him lol


I shall leave you to it thank you for reading – lots of loves and smiles