Radiography department


This was the start of my day a rather uninviting oncology unit, you walk in and there 3 ancient “can we help” type people with sashes, who completely ignored us – rightio i thought !!! G had dropped me off so i was on my own and there was “cancer patients” everywhere including a young teenage boy who had lost his hair – he had a smileey face drawn on his head !! I had an overwhelming feeling of not belonging – and my brain started the but im not sick and now you want to give me the bloody horrific treatment which will make me sick – so i go to desk and am directed to the left.


and this is my view not exactly inviting – i walk all the way to the end and the woman asks who i am etc – and i did bother trying to say my bloody stupid surname and for her to ask whaaat – i passed her my phone upside down – i have a hospital sticker on the back – it just makes it easier – she hands me a clip board and asks me to fill in a form, i start it and within a minute and radiographer calls me – and we head off



down the longest bloody corridor !! and i am asked to take a seat again -its bloody eree no one is there – with the occasional clipboard wheedling nurse walking like she was on a mission of up most importance


this was my view from my seat and i couldnt help but think it looked like the entrance to a grave yard – a fancy one but a graveyard non the less

so i get called in – i have to put a gown on schexxy !!

a bloke waks in – he looks like hes an overgrown student if you know what I mean.. he was there to make me a mouth guard type thing to make my tongue stay still for the radiotherapy !!


so i lie down on this table and the explain the plastic mesh sheet will be heated in water then dried a bit then they place over you head and shoulders !! its horrible hot wet and claustrophobic you can’t move and your clipped onto the table they kept asking if i was ok – i wasnt at one point but i calmed down a bit.


this is the result – horror movie shit or what !!!!


and we were done – I was feeling tired and very sick at this point – we pulled over a few times just incase – we got home so i could “have and hours kip” before seeing the plastic surgeon for a dressing.



even bloody anti sickness wouldnt work – so we have to cancel the appt and i had to give in and stay in bed.


Its hard for me to admit i cant do something or to “give in ” but i had very little choice … thankfully i woke but feeling partly human, but craving coke which was weird – it was lovely tho lol


anyways thats my day in pictures not as jolly as i normally am but i guess you have to take highs with the lows


lots of love

4 thoughts on “Radiography department”

  1. The mask is strange and odd, feel like I have seen what you would look like in that film hollow man. Sending love, hugs and good wishes


  2. A really intensive day for you, so I hope you feel a bit less sicky tomorrow xx Maybe they could make a bust of you for the living room when they make your mask??Especially seeing as your mouth was open – you could throw grapes at it!! Stay strong babe x


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