A suprisingly productive day !!!

So for a change little miss D didn’t have Daddy up at 5 am it was 6.30 which is a real lie in in this house lol !!

I don’t think i have mentioned to to my “rubbish legs” and yes that’s the medical terminology i get DLA which we use to get a car under the motability scheme which is especially good as i need hand control’s for when my legs are being especially crappy and a hoist to lift in my wheelchair when needed…

anyway every 3 years you give your car back and get a new one, now G loves cars and if he could would have loads lol but this will have to do – out renewal isn’t due till September but three months before is when you order the vehicle so that’s June – mid treatment so G suggested if i was up to it we went out and looked at cars today .. as i had woken up feeling good i said yes lets do it – we waited till about 1 so little miss has had lunch in the plan that she would sleep in the car (will we ever learn lol )


We left the house meds in tow we just needed to get a bottle of water so we stopped at the spar shop .. G went to get out and I said no let me … he asked if i was sure .. i was .. I got a bit of cash out and went into shop good arm using my crutch, scooping up the water bottle .. all the while looking around like a startled rabbit – I’m not sure why i was so nervous – but blimey did i sigh a sigh of relief when i saw a face i recognised at the till – i said hi and asked for a bag, paid and left – and its was fine i think i had just worked myself up – but its done now i know its fine and doable

so off we went to look at the cars first we went to vauxhall who’s sales rep was making things up left and right lol poor chap didn’t have a clue the motability chap was off for a few weeks so he was trying lol but we saw a maybe

then we saw Citroen where i saw the berlingo – which if i am honest does look a bit like a disability vehicle – well that’s what I would have said a few years ago – but i just saw the practical stuff like – D and K car seat fit well – comfort of seats – view from driver side – all of which were great – down side no purple colour lol

we then went to peugeot where they has the best motability chap he knew everything there was to know and understood the difficulties – we did have a goggle tho as he was hard of hearing and with my speech it was somewhat of a challenge lol but we saw a few maybe’s one called the bipper ?? and another one which was red !!!

with motability all cars have a down payments range from zero to bazillions – i mean even Jaguar is on the scheme lol — i mean really lol !! but i guess they wouldnt be iof there wasn’t a need/ want.

We got home and i crashed out i was shattered i must have slept for 3 or 4 hours and given my bed is in the dining room and G and D were playing in the next room – apparently D even sat less than a meter away and ate her tea i didn’t even move

I said good night to D and my big boy K who called from nanny anns hes had the best week ever, hes been to space museum the science museum, the beach, the woods and so much more hes been spoiled rotten but that’s what nanny’s are for.

We did ask if he can come home a little early as i think we need to tell him as we are not going to be able to hide my radiotherapy form my very bright and clever boy !! I saught some advice from Michelle who runs the little Miracles centre in peterborough – shes always there with practical down to earth advice – she is fab. So far k knows that i had an operation to take away the poorly on my tongue .. then after op he saw me and i told him how amazingly awesom it was that i have an arm tongue and all he wanted to know is if my arm could taste!!!!!!!!!!!!! he did say it was amazing that the doctors could do that.

I wont lie when i think about telling him i spontaneously start crying so i will have to calm that down a bit if nothing else so i can speak! but i think it will be ok – i will prep the school to in case he struggles. Hes an amazing boy – will talk the hind legs off a donkey but is kind i recall once we were at the hospital for something and i remembered Michelle was there with her boy who at the time was very poorly – i managed to find her we conversed through a window and i went ot get her a macci D’s she was soooo grateful as it wasn’t like she could really leave O – she also had her other 2 children there.. just prior to finding Michelle we had purchased 2 night lights they were a sofy cuddly turtle with a hard shell stars and constellations cut into so when its on you have the stars on the ceiling. Anyways when we were on our way back to see Michelle with the Macci D’s K said – do you think O would like my turtle – i said its brand new .. he replied but i haven’t got a poorly heart O has, it would be nice to make him happy. Now how i kept it together i will never know i was gushing with pride – such and amazing boy !! he will hold doors open offer his seat, and is very polite – don’t get me wrong he nearly killed himself recently, well twice actually first one “surfing” down the banister and the second – he went to a friends for a sleep over and his friend mum txt me and said is it ok if we take k swimming ?? i said yes (thinking he had been with them before and she knew he couldn’t really swim) do you see where this is going ???? well he got changed and bombed out of the changing room launching himself into the deep end – closely followed by a life guard – now you would have thought he would have been upset by this but no – he was rather impressed not with himself but the life guard even taking the time to thank him !!!! now that my little weirdo .


And the last thing is i ate half a yogurt – i am sooooooo impressed i managed to swallow 95% of the time i tried and managed to get most of it to the back of my mouth .. it was amazing and my favourite flavour Toffee..


right that’s me .. over and out  still smiling and getting stronger xxx

3 thoughts on “A suprisingly productive day !!!”

  1. Wow! What a day!! I am impressed!! So many achievements in one day, and I think it’s a good idea to explain to K before he goes back to school. The school should have an inclusion worker who should be able to give him some time to talk through anything if he wants any ‘me time’ at school if he has any wobbles there too xx


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