Swelling down


Almost looking like me… My palsey in my face us bugging me its the right side so if i smile it diesnt move when i speak it gets in the way… Now we are on speaking my voice is pretty hit and miss atm. sometimes its no more than a wisper other times its like i have really sore throat which i dont have… Its just weird but g and d can understand me and when k is back im sure he will too. . So thats the important people. Im not often soppy, perhaps im hormonal but it feels like me and G have fallen in love all over again gettin butterflys in my tummy, hes been amazing for all my appointments held my hand throughout told me we can fo it together and made me smile and laugh… I feel vety lucky to have my G

4 thoughts on “Swelling down”

  1. I’m glad your voice is clear enough that g and the kids CNN understand. I know its something that was worrying you x

    This blog is your mind dump place so just keep going

    Sending super sized hugs x


  2. Just catching up on your blog hon, this is an inspiration, you are, please keep up the smiling and it’s great to hear about you and your man 🙂 xx


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