Spring Clean

So today we had 2 cleaners come in and clean for 4 hours !! (thanks to a wonderful  and kind friend for aranging it) they hoovered in places which have never been hoovered… they polished EVERYTHING  lol but most of all the house looks and smells lovely and this will make it easier to keep on top of things ..

while they were here we had SSAFA come round – i believe the Padre had mentioned it but ive slept since then so dont quote me… anyways he offered a coulple of doggy walkers for the period of radio…. as we will both be knackered… so thats pretty ace – if you dont knwo who ssafa is http://www.ssafa.org.uk/ have a look see xx


while he was her my doctor GP showed up, she really nice actually – shes a GP who gives a crap and isnt clock watchin “right thats your ten minutes up NEXT PATIENT PLEASE” i believe she has a little on of similar age to D which is a bonus too – as i have taken her in, in the past and said shes not right help lol and she has founf out whats going on….

anyway GP said if i need anything to call and when something like this happens the whole practice knows from the practice meeting and they send their best …. weirdly i felt exposed like if i go i will get those looks.

oh i know i bare all on here but i cant see you …. its not real …

i think i am gonna try for a nap now coz i am shattered its supprising how tired i get atm but it will get better then radio lol reversing any hard work grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr ahhhhh buggerit I will be ok


still smiling –  still wonky

5 thoughts on “Spring Clean”

  1. I’m very pleased your house is now clean and smelling pretty – one less thing to worry about. Wish I could do more. Keep up that wonky smiling beautiful lady! xx


  2. Hun ssafa can do more then that to help hun re childcare etc. i know from personal experience. Whats best way to talk privatelyand i will fill you in?? much love and hugs to you all xxx


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