It’s a new dawn…

It’s a new day……. (you get the idea) I’m feeling good.

I think I /we missed a few meds or messed them up yesterday as.lastnight and this morning was.pants but E was here so had a great giggle….. And yes she’s already taking the Mickey out of.net speech.lol it’s ok she’s 6 foot tall with frizzy hair and like size 12 feet… I’m sure I will find something….

G has been to doc and been booked in for urgent MRI.. Sigh it’s such crap timing but hey we play the hand we are given.

Hopefully this will make you smile..


2 thoughts on “It’s a new dawn…”

  1. I don’t know, I leave you alone for five minutes and it all falls apart……….!! 😛 Hope G’s appointment comes through quickly and he has some decent time off. Hope you have lots of laughs with E xx


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