It’s a new day…..

I’ve slept I’ve decided and am confident I didn’t do anything “wrong”, I know right ?! I’m 30. Lol

But I’m feeling ok… I’m a bit freaked out as lost 3 tounge stitches and mt tounge feeling tingly today…. But I’m at hospital Wednesday….

Got dressing change today…. Now that’s bit fun it’s bloody hurts, it’s sort of like an out of body experience as I cannot relate with that gaping hole actually being on my arm… I worry when it’s a different nurse because they might be rough … I usually take off outer bandage as I know how fast or slow I can manage the change in pressure..

D is looking a bit peaky today my gut says will be chest I.fection with few days… And selfishly I won’t be getting up to in night for the first time ever… Which makes me both happy and sad.

G is my,h better and hardly taking the diazepam which I am pleased about coz it’s a scary drug.

Oooooooh nearly forgot I had a phone call today from a cleaning company… Who are doing an 8 hour clean on Thursday paid for by one by oldest (time not age ) and fantabulous friend who lives in Australia (who I hope to visit one day)…. It’s a huge just loads of little things off our plates… All mash up into one huuuge thing.

Can’t recall if I mentioned but G and H had a Easter lunch … A local friend dished it up for them they said it was amazing I tried the gravy and have to agree.

1 thought on “It’s a new day…..”

  1. Tongue stitches are good – it means the tongue is healing really well and the stitches aren’t needed anymore, which is great news. Dinner was great – really appreciated it after a long day 🙂 Both you and G are doing better today 🙂


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