I feel extreemly lucky

I know i am not out of the woods yet and my gut feeling is they will give me a bit of chemo – just to make sure – apparently this is fairly common for younger patients !

My moto for every day is make sure you laugh till your belly hurts – and make time for cuddles – i know soppy right !!!

yesterday was stressful day but i managed to get my laugh in – albeit at G expence

G took D with him to the bathroom and on leaving D had to step over the dogs beds which are far too soft / far too nice to be covered in who knows what!!

well to do this she needed something to hold on to !!! at her height the crown jewels – so she held on tight and walked over the dogs bed. Even though it was through jeans you should hsve seen him he wanted to laugh but was a tad sore — omg i cried with laughter

Today was shift change the lovely Heather went home to her lovely family – while she has been her she has been my left arm my memory my legs and a bloody goood listener – i love her to peices she is such a wonderful friend..

she swapped shifts with Emma an equally good friend who lives locally – she tonight helped me with my meds and feed coz of my stuuupd arm she played with daisy and was generally fab ! but she always is. she is goin to take D to nursery tmw am which is an amazing thing to offer -its so g doesnt hurt his back further !! shes so thoughtful – she actually cut short her easter break at her parents to come home – amazing egh ??

I was all tucked up in bed nearly asleep when she left but i woke up coz of jaw/neck/hand pain it is settling now so cant compain – could be alot worse and it was in the begining .. so i have that to be greatful for

I am amazed by the support i am getting and i will say agin that it amazes me and helps it really does – i often just sit and read the comments and they make me smile #1

quiet day tmw D at nursery mr and g gonna chill and snuggle ciz its been a bit full on – as soon as i can afford i will book him in for masage as he likes them – might even see if he will get his back waxed again perhapps a sponered event lol

oh i dont know all i do know is i am lucky – baring cancer hole in arm bla bla bla

i am incredibly lucky i have THE most amazing friends and i have a loving husband who has helped me every step of the way.

signing off nunnight

still wonky smiling mwah

2 thoughts on “I feel extreemly lucky”

  1. I told D and K about poor G and his crown jewel extension when I got home!! We all had a good giggle!! Poor G 😦 I hope you get some rest with Nursery etc being back to normal this week. Missing you xx Btw – we all help you out because you are such a good friend to us xx


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