Well from the start it went tits up .. G has a prolapsed disk was in so much pain he was practally crying….. Padre took him to out of hours who essentiAlly gave him diazepam to knock him out till Tuesday to see a real doc.

Sigh….. G still on bed can’t move I’m pretty close to calling for ambulance if I am honest….. Me I don’t think I have ever been so tired in my life….. Daisy still up coz she Won’t go up stairs with heather and stairlift died today oh and I had to get a off duty nurse to sort trachi site as it was leaking ….. Honestly you couldn’t make this shit up. But my friend heather is here till Monday hopefully…. But of course it’s not easy as it’s me … Heather has lupus so is not 100% and a michanical heart valve….