Good outweighs the bad.

So at 2 am the pain woke me up… But that’s ok coz…

FANTASTIC NEWS …. ok this might not seem huge buuut it really is- I woke up feeling very dry so was going to have a few sips of water (what I’ve been having till now) and put a fair bit in my Peg….. BUT instead I drank almost a pint of cold water… Took 45minutes but it waaas a-maaaazing.

It’s lush being home, D ran to me with the biggest smile I have ever seen in my life. And has hugged me since….. She’s seen my ouchies and is being very gentle and even had occasionally held ‘her’ trachi plaster to speak which was hilarious….

I only saw K for 30 mins which I’m not overly happy about tbh….. He’s going to his manual for Easter holidays so we got home from hospital and then he came in from school his nanny had picked him up. Then while I was trying to catch up and his nanny and aunty we’re majorly rush us interrupting his amazing questions like ‘so can you arm tounge meat taste stuff ‘ he’s only 7 but gets it. Anyways then he was gone……I can see me wanting him home early tbh but he is,gonna have a ds  time.

1 thought on “Good outweighs the bad.”

  1. wow, amazing! Would love to see Daisy doing that, and you’ll get loads of time with Kieran, so all good. I hadn’t given a thought to what you could taste tbh. Must have felt wonderful to drink so much 🙂


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