First full day home….

Started really well my crazy carer came… She’s fab and like part of the family and D adores her… Washed clean pjs and meds… By then I was shattered…. I fell asleep before she had even left lol sorry shell

Then at lunch time I should have had a second call…. But they didn’t show up..I hadn’t had my meds and was so sore could not be trusted to get out of bed…. G got gone from shopping 1.30 ish and helped me out as by then I had had an accident.. ..(well I’ve been honest so far….

I then called sagecare and in all fairness to them they sent someone out straight away they helped me have a bit of a wash and changed the bed.

While Gary dealt with our very strange yet equally beautiful daughter…
see D doesn’t do change but G accidentally got trainer socks for her…. Her reaction was some what UN expected…..

She stripped off, put said socks on and marched round the house for 3 hours …. My little weirdo….

Anyways I’m pooped so I’m off to bed remind me tmw to tell you about Maggie it’s worth it…

With a wonky smile I bid you good night.

1 thought on “First full day home….”

  1. well, at least she was wearing the socks, even if they were on her hands!! I hope you’ve enjoyed being at home 🙂


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