We’ll sort of… I’m on an 18 hour feed… I tried to speed up up last night to shorten time and I gave me bloody hiccups !!!! Not idea coz they friggin hurt lol. So I slowed it down. It’s ever so simple to use and I’m quite happy doing water flushes and meds throughout the day… Turns out before all this I drank loads… I,mean chuffing loads lol For this I blame my tea crazy friends lol So I’m all ready can’t really get.stuff ready as in a but wobbly on legs an only have use on one arm. But g will help .. This is the feed and sets and gubbins I’m being sent home with.


So I won’t starve to death lol

1 thought on “Breakfast….”

  1. I can’t believe you gave yourself hiccups!! At least you can have a cheaper food bill for a while!! Fingers crossed you get to leave in good time 🙂


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