Dr just been by told him I making complaint….

Not about him (lovely max fcial) doc… U know flat cap guy….. There a chance I home FRIDAY……………..FUUUUUUUUUUCK….. OBVIOUSLY I want to be there. But that’s vary real.

Ref complaint in simple terms… U remember I had urologist appt (she’s amazing lady actually think she gives a crap… We’ll sheet cried when found out bout cancer….. Lover her) anywAy she wrote letter to TEAM saying use a certain catheter nothing else ….. Easy ? No …… First doc (we shall call Dr hat) did correct… But after a physio it came out. Then the nurses lied about size….. I got uti lots of pain and bleedeing and cause of lots of my lows…

Anyway will post pics…… The many faces of me and my cancer…. Shows,current issues but hopefully we will be able photo to compare


Kissy lips ok not too wonky


Straight smile closed mouth ok but difficult




Open mouth show teeth….

I look tile a budget horror movie extra….. Don’t know what annual me more bout that ….possibly just being an extra. Lol

Signing off wonky smile in tow

4 thoughts on “Dr just been by told him I making complaint….”

  1. You can kiss, and you can smile – how often do you bare your teeth to everyone?? Just don’t try eating soup with your mouth open!! Again, you look amazing today – even better than yesterday. Can’t believe they are thinking of sending you home on Friday!! Give yourself time – you knew it would take a lot of therapy after the op. Big loves xxx


    1. Lol I guess so. But I am really happy atm … Hopefully facedrop temp. But at least I can in a fashion….. Albeit like that comedian with “wobblyness” her name for CP. She’s actually if I find her name will pop link in.


  2. You look pretty damn remarkable babe. Soo glad drs are pleased enough in your progress tongue discharge at Friday 🙂

    Point me in directional numptys to bitch slap into submission over screwing up ur catheter **hugs**


  3. I only said to Gary at school yesterday ‘I bet she’s out before the weekend’ I was right!! Even if your not tho, your still making amazing progress, and deserve a pat on the back. Keep my fingers crossed for you lovely. Had a quiet week this week, don’t know what to do with myself!! Missing your cuppas!! X


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