Counting days


So I haven’t updated much .. I guess I’ve been busy. But I am now a wake more than asleep and I have had my trachi out so breathin thru my mouth. I will update lots more but pics to follow


Graft site. Lft arm.


Lines out… Some cracking bruising coming out


And I can sit up now too. May not seen big but it’s afriggin huge step. Smiling ……..almost it looks like I’ve had stroke

6 thoughts on “Counting days”

  1. For god sake woman eat a cake!!! Seriously tho, you look good. A little step forward day every day Hun, missing you!! Lots of love x x x x


  2. Hey, that arrow is just your colour!! You are going to have some amazing bruises, but you look so much better each day. Great to see you sitting up, even if it does take a herculean effort xxx


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