At hospital…..


Okok I know I look rough but I didn’t go to bed last night and could not have tea this morning. G is here with me and atm I’m doing better than him. In in the new bit of addenbrookes hospital the rest is positively ancient so I’m seeing this as a positive…. Not that suppose it matters in the slightest . I’m pretty sure age of building has no influence on success rates of surgeries lol We’ll my … One of my doctors has shown up… A dapper looking black guy in a grandad cap. I will probably be called into vampires soon to take blood and leave a canuler in. The last time I had one I bled all over the floor lol.

3 thoughts on “At hospital…..”

  1. A dapper black bloke with a flat grandad cap? Sounds like the set of holby with Malik!
    **hugs** for the lack of sleep :/ and no tea!!


  2. Just wanted to wish you lots of luck for today. I know my cancer was different but I still kind of know how you’re feeling. Leaving my children behind to go to surgery was horrid 😦 I am out the other side now – surgery, chemo and radio done – all tubes and wires removed! Just take one day at a time and you will get through it. I will be thinking of you today and wishing you a very speedy recovery. xxxxx


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