Baby girl is 2…

A few weeks early but still….. We went to a place called pots of fun in stamford… Thankfully we had out pennies aside but it was a good price. Each person had a plate to paint and all equiptment and was a tenna per person…. I would suggest taking extras for coffee as some how there was 20 quids worth of coffee n tea drank lol.

I dont think i have mentioned before but D struggles with social situations… Not all the time but sonetimes it just too much for her. And people she doesnt know well touching her or her things… They just send her into a meltdown… Its different to a tantrum you just have to let her come out of it, the worst one to date was…. We changed a toy box, she came down the next morning a screamed no and gone for 3 hours…. It can be trying especially when people see a scrummy smiley toddler not miss no change. I was actually really pleased when my friend C (i mentioned her before, she has J and C ) looked after D once and had a bagel trown in her face…. Now dont get me wrong i didnt like the fact she coukd have been hurt but i liked she had seen the real D. I think some of my family dont get her they just think i am all cotton glovez… But believe me im not when its ‘i want cake’ and i say no and she throws a wobbler she goes straight onto her bean bag, a safe place to head bang lol.

Anyway back to painting…. Turns out everyone did pretty well, Aunty B and Uncle P came, i see B as the person i can tell anything to in ny family and i mean anything…. I think she was the first person after G to know i was pregnant, she sees tge good in everything and makes me, and anyone close by very happy and you laugh sooo much. Shes just so fab.

Both my sisters were there one of whome  i dont think i spoke with but J and K are very close. J works in London in rudder finn i think some fancy advertising agency… Shes had a recent promotion too. Shes the ‘clever one’ (as i was so kindly reminded by father)

Also T came shes a fab friend sge had her boy a few weeks before i had D shes a military wifee too and we just get each other.

We went to mcdonalds after and they let us take in the cakes i made


Which went down a storm. Considering milk and soya free. I sat with a syringe of milkish type stuff peg feeding. Perhaps not the norm for mcdonalds lol but noone really noticed.

Oh guess what i wore a dress…..


Being 4st lighter helps lol.

Anyways its nearly 7 im thinking of waking up G coz daisy has had me up for 3 hours already and i didnt go to sleep till past 2. So hoping to do a ‘shift change. Lol

My pain is pretty bad today but it wont win…. Still smiling yesterday was fun, i cant wait to see our plates.

4 thoughts on “Baby girl is 2…”

  1. Oh yeah … ‘c’mon daisy eat your dinner’ – bam – bagel in the face!!! ;o) Chris walks through the door, smiles and kisses. yeeeeah thats miss D! do love her though lol I am glad you had a fun day, you look fabulous in your dress and love as always xxx


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