so whilst still feeling shitty – I get a phone call from nurse bitch face !! (as she will now be known)

Just calling to remind you of your appointments for surgery on the 19th .. (“no shit.. ooops i had forgotten”)

“You must bein the ward by 7am ! ” my reply was i will do my best – i have a baby – a 7 year old and am disabled and its over an hour away !” 

“no you must be here – well can they stay i ask .. “its not visiting hours” she says !! but we coudl put you in a hostel the night before

this is what i hear !

Get G to drop you off at the door ! say good bye to your children there – whilst remembering you may not speak to them again ! you may be able to tell them you love them – you may never say their names – but its ok just say bye at door and your on your own till you wake up 2 days later !!


I called my special cancer nurse !!! and she said she will get more info but its all hit me today everything ……………………….


im in bits probably being dramatic .. prob overdoing it bla bla but im scared