Hubby is ill…. He has an infection post vasectony.   which might need hospital trwatment apoarently this could have been xause of back pain.

My peg site is infected im shattered feeling sick altho now have anti sickness meds. Im feeling the lowest i have in a long time.

And as im in a moan someone close to me was in a right mard the other day… She hadnt been spoiky by her kids on mothersday… But 1 works one stroopy teanager and 1 apoligised in advace… All called etc… But she wasnt happy. I very selfishly wanted to say ‘reahhhhhly’ it could be so much worse..   now dont get me wrong im aware my situation coukd be 1000 tines worse but non the less is life altering. I guess um saying if i can sucessfully smile and laugh most days thru my shit you should because. …  well u just should…

Ahhhhh bollox im going to bed xx