How are you…..

I seem to be asked this alot recently, i realise its because people care… But for some its just intrique its just gossip. Now dont get me wrong i love a good gossip…. And living in a small village its rife…. Theres even a facebook group called ☆insert village☆moans and groans. .. Its genius in equal measure with daft. The day it opened i wanted to type. ‘dogs or cats, which is better’ because due to the mentality of group it could have blown up lol.

Back to me my fav subject lol…. Peg is settling in and ive managed a few ,’feeds’ 60mls too so i was quite impressed lol… Not quite 600mls a day but its early days and even after all my weight loss im still a fatty really… Im 13 and a half stone last time i checked so no risk of wasting away…

I taught g to use the bread maker tonight as D has allergies so cant have normal bread. Tmw hes learning to make jam tarts…. He doesnt know that yet. ..

Theres a page on facebook called ‘that cupcake place’ the lady who runs it did a cupcake run to our village and has offerd 50% of sales to us to help with additional costs….. Look her up shes anazing. … And so so kind… https://m.facebook.com/ThatCupcakePlacePeterborough?__user=898255577

Being at the hospital constantly does cost a fortune its 100 mile round trip to addenbrookes… And the cost of fuel grrrrrr

Anyways tomorrows another day… Nothing planned other than cooking lessons haaaaaa still smiling big loves xxxxx

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