Bad day..

Well last night i went out to a partylite party… I was petrifed had to talk myself out of a panic attack. (they are new) … I went it was fine especially as my best mate waz sat next to me to translate wgen needed…. But when i first asked her to tranlate she heard transvestive…. Then she started on the home brew lol.

I got home at 1am….. I was beyond exhaused… But glad i went.

Today i collapsed twice. Once onto my side bashing my hip and ribs but no injuries. .. I managed my fortisip once today but had some rice for tea…. 

Im off to bed now i think going out like that means i need a few days rest lol. Better planning needed.

Oh one last thing we have been offered funding for 3 days a week for 4 weeks nursery….. Adding that to the 2 days a week we can afford….. D will be in nursery full time for 4 weekz…. From op date…… Im really chuffed a little scared about what happens after but thats doesnt make it any less brilliant.

Night night keep smiling x

1 thought on “Bad day..”

  1. Glad your getting extra funding for D

    Buggar on the posting timing… at any other time would it be a good or bad move?

    Hope you rest up over the weekend and are able to manage a bit more food

    Have u tried pureed soups ?

    Are the plans for the dresser coming along? What colours are u doing it up in? I’m soo jealous that you have space for a dresser!


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