its getting quiet

Well today i had to make some phone calls most went OK – but after the 3rd one they couldn’t understand me ! it ended up with mmmmmm mmmmmm mmmmmm – and general grunts – they were very understanding but it hit me hard – i mean normally i never shut up ….

I have been pushing forward D’s sign language as i need to be able to communicate with her – we have done some since she was tiny so its there – anyways this evening i asked on a group on FB what people used for mummy – as with BSL British sign language (my knowledge) u sign “mm” for mummy – but D struggles. and i ended up in such a mess – i want to be able to take to my baby girl and big lad i want to be able to communicate … i mean it might not be for ever – i will never be able to speak like before and i had a nice voice i spoke well !!! my neighbour who speaks with a very Yorkshire accent called me posh lol !! and that’s not going to be the case any more.


i feel like i have been slapped in the face – before this realisation i was doing great i made am amazing name banner for someone its lush and i was soo happy – i went to a friends for a cuppa and generally chilled out – and yesterday had a hair cut and  colour which is guaranteed to put any woman in a good mood !


now i feel all sorry for myself – meh its nearly bed time i will be fine in the moring im sure


sorry I’m miserable – should have written before my bad mood descended !



4 thoughts on “its getting quiet”

  1. Don’t feel bad for posting during a low mood. It’s completely understandable.

    Hope you and D manage to get more signs under your belt. Would it be worth a Mr tumble marathon ?


  2. I think you’re BETTER posting when you feel low. That way, there is more likelihood of one of us readers to help you through whatever the day brings. A mood dip late at night is common and so is a lift in the morning (once you’re properly awake!). I too sign ‘mm’ for mummy. She will get it and she will know what YOU mean which is three quarters of the point xxx


    1. I ordered some makaton flash cards today and just to make me panicing look silly she signed mummy “mm” today so im feeling good about it – she also signed “baby girl” and pointed at the TV meaning “baby jake” so i couldnt say no really lol


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