You know what I’m Okay !!!

Some people seem to think that i should be a gibbering wreck and well, im not – i am ok – i still have to feed the kids and dogs. I am ok – maybe i wont be another day but for the moment im cool !!

My granny now knows and i was worried about telling her as she is 87 and lost her husband my grandad to cancer and she herself had cancer before but she was amazing – my speach was pretty bad saturday so my aunt told her. she was fine yes she will worry but i keep in touch and all will be good !

I had the peg nurse come over today – to show me the kit and explain it all – and you knwo what, its not rocket surgery !

I am seeing the peg as as a mega positive, i got a bit cocky today and made a prawn cocktail and bit off more than i could chew and ended up chewing my tounge !!! doh !! cue bloody mess – could have been worse.

Kids are good although D had a bit of a cough but hopefully just a bit of a cold and K, he knows about my amazing tube thats going to take food into my belly – which is well cool coz i wont have to cool and my food is delivered and i will save money which i can spend on him ~ APPARENTLY lol the mind of a 7 year old !

anyways hope everyone is having a good day – im smiling hope u are toooo

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