The day after ..

Well i took something to help me sleep last night as my mind was racing. I managed a big block of sleep so felt great – We did a bit of shopping inluding taking some clothes back to next for smaller sizes rocking my silver lining !!! and i got a bargain so its all good !

We also bumped into S shes a photographer and one of the kindest people in the world ! she gave be the best hug just know a propper squeeze ! A week or so ago i asked if she would help me out with photos – just incase and to catalogue my journey etc – and shes said yes – i think our first shoot will be next weekend and i am really looking forward to it, if nothing else coz shes maaazing !!!

I also saw a friend C who is lovley she has 2 kids one of whome has CP and autism and a little girl who is 4 going on 16 and my god do they make me smile – J had a marshmellow on teh end of his nose lol and C totally ignored me (depends on the moon phase as to if she will speak to me lol ~)

Oh and i also managed to sell my dresser – a while ago i bought a huge solid wood welsh dresser which is in the garage and we just needed to do up – well i have decided it needs doing asap so its coming into the house next week so i can start work on it and i will show you how it goes – i am aiming for shabby chic!!! hoping i dont achieve shabby shit — its a think line lol !

I have been on the macmillan site too learning about the C word and what stage T2 means and what have i learnt – well it could be a whole load worse.

I have seen a picture of the feeding tube (not too scary)~ and a pic of a rebuilt tounge !! that was scary !!

But i managed some pasta today so thats a major positive and my hubby and kids are amaaazing so over all today was a really good day !!

Still smiling

1 thought on “The day after ..”

  1. The fact your finding positives ans still smiling I thinknproves.how amazing you really are.

    Dresser project sounds ace!!!

    I’d love a big dresser but I have nowhere at all for one!



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