Whats all the fuss about ??

My head is a pickle today ! I am flirting with – Oh for christ sake why the hell do i have a blog and people doing scans bla bla bla because of something I cannot see – and that might just be cut out and viola we are done- thinking I will look like a right old prick if thats the case ! It will be “more drama from S” and Im a smoker (cue gasp) so tbh i asked for it and shouldnt be shocked – for the record i am in the process of giving up !!

then i think what if it is a big deal – chemo radio operations – pain ……….. arggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg


G is back to work next week and i think it will be good for him as he needs to be doing he cant sit still and hes going crazy – hes taken his mum shopping today yo give the washing machine a rest ! – she is literally following me round asking for more washing – as i was getting into bed she knocked on the door and asked if i has washing to be done OCD much ??


anyways i have LOADS of sewing to get done –


over and out

2 thoughts on “Whats all the fuss about ??”

  1. Oi! You did NOT ask for this, yes we all know the risks of smoking but no-one does it consciously expecting this to happen. Good luck with the quitting hun, it’s tough…amazed I didn’t end up divorced to be fair ;o)

    Fingers crossed this blog does end up just being a bout a quick ‘snip’ (which is still quite a big deal if you ask me!) xxxxx


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