Nothing really to report – just a strange day – I have helped sort the spare room for MIL who arrives from manchestaaaaar tomorrow, now I say spare room i mean shit filled heap of a sewing room !!! Fabric everywhere and i mean everywhere !

The plan – (i have had a few people ask whats next so i will answer in here )

Monday – super boob doctors with poss biopsy
Tuesday – CT or MRI with contrast
?? chest x ray
?? mri or ct depending which one i have Tuesday
Friday BIG APPT to find out the score !!

i wont lie i am shitting it… but at the same time thinking – little op to mouth and we are sorted !!! easy !!

but then i crap my pants again.

Kids are good although K now has this horrid sore throat and isn’t looking great – don’t think he will be in school tmw – which will send his head into a spin as he hates missing school and will pretend he’s fine just to go in – but he cannot deny this he hardly has a voice poor bugger !


But he will have his nanny here so that should keep him happy !!! and D will be in nursery – shes only in 2 days a weel coz child care is sooooooo expensive £37 a day !!! but she enjoys it and teh ladies are fab with her so shouldnt complain really !


Right back to the sewing machine (broke a needle a few mins ago – very annoying ) onwards and upwards


still smiling xx