Nowt as queer as folk !!

Or so they say !

Todays been a stange day – a few friends have read this blog and a few repeoted back to me that they cried from start to finish !!! Hummmmm that wasnt exactly my goal but – i dont know how i would react if it was my friend..

I dont know what next week will hold like i said it may be a mini op and viola i am cured and the boob lump is just nothing, but i could see feel due to weight loss – and all this will be put down to the worlds weirdest diet !!!

It might not go that way, and i have a feeling it wont but it would be a billy bonus!!

I certainly dont need any pitty or daft looks from people ! but,  i do like that it appears i will be having a inforced night out with some girlfriends !!! and lets face it G wont mind hes soft as shite and tbh would be quite happy to taxi us there and back just to make sure we were all ok ! he a good egg really – but tell him i said that and i will not be impressed !!

See i have that tough – carefree – sat as you see it – type personality, a spade is a spade – or more recently a spthade (a have a lisp now lol ) – you either love me or hate me and tbh thats ok ! people annoy me – especially people who think they are right who have the idea that they are soooooo friggin great – (dont get me wromg i think i am pretty cool) but i am flawed in so many ways – but the difference between me and them is i am OK with that.

I am stroppy – i tell people to piss off – i say things like “stupid people annoy” me when watching the only way is essex, that only happend once and by accident lol !! I watch America’s biggest looser for a confidence boost – coz lets face it who doest feel great about themselves after watching it – you can say “ok yes i am over weight but i have “some” self control”. I watch Jeremy Kyle and think no way is that real – but lest face it familys are complicated.

Mine are no different. We all think our family is great “we” have the right dynamics – but im my family we have the Dynamite and thats ME!!! I am wound by by some people and others I wind up often with very little effort – its a skill !! but its how it is and thats ok !

My immediate family G, K and D, see i think we now have it right !! I wear the trousers – well he lets me think i do – i am mummy i am best at cooking, and looking after poorly kids – unless its puke then i am the worst parent ever !!!  and G works and takes over when i am sick – hes fab with the kids – never shy’d away from poo’sloshions – my daughters specialist area !!! and K hes a good boy polite kind and generally a good egg – he gets carried away and over excited but hes a good boy. D is just a princess lol or so she would like to think .. daddies girl and she knows how to play him – Me i am a harder nut to crack nowadays – well now i have wised up to it lol

Well thats me for today still smiling and I even managed some scrummy sweing which i am sure i will share at some point !


Thank you for those who have read this – its kind of nice know a few people have – nunight all hope you get some sleep and tmw is another day


still smiling

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