So, g let me sleep till 11 today which was ace because I was up a lot in the night with pain buuuuut I got downstairs to find a parcel which said….. fragile. Open immediately lol

It was a huge chocolate muffin in a georgous brigh red shiney box !!!

This is from a friend who I have known for 8 years or more, she ace I mean I havent seen her in maybe 5 years but we are there for each other…. I guess I might come clean here, not so long ago her hubby was away she had a new baby and 2 very poorly children j and l (between us j and l look identical even though not twins and I cannit tell them appart in pictures lol shhhhhhh) anyways. Her hubby was away 2 kids on oxygen she was in a pickle… shes up in Scotland so I coukdnt be there so it was me who called the padre and welfare. ! Sorry babes it seemed the right thing to do and it did help … I think…

Moving on I might not be able ti eat muffin coz of my stupid mouth but plan to try very hard lol

Oh and MIL coming monday for the week…….. how nice is that….. so far 4 appts next week

Still smiling xxx

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