So I now have my own specialist nurse !!!

Who i call first thing – leaving a message saying – you know you told me I have cancer, well i now have a lump in my boob !!

She calls back and says she will speak to doctor and call again !!

Well she calls again and we are to go in at 12.30 to see doc – D at school K on way back from sleep over so we charge his tablet so he can play – I get some sewing done (i will bore you another time with all of my sewing shit lol )

We get to appt and i strip off and i dont even need to tell hime which boob – he can tell !!! he checks the “good boob” then spends ages on the other one.

We need a biopsey ASAP i will call them and they will call you – its the rapid something breast something !!  All i could thing of was boob shaped super hero’s !!!!

So i started laughing

I said this is seriously shit … i have had, i start to list

SPD (condition which makes pelvis seperate during pregnancy) but coz it was me i had it so severley i have a metal pelvis !! now. MRSA in teh wound from that operation which burst open ! I was literally saved by the nicest woman on the planet called Julie a friend and nurse “i must call her no i think of it”














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