Up and down like a yoyo …. but it all comes together. Video included.

I wrote this first bit on the 9th of April

Things are a bit crazy atm, I’m back in hospital with issues to do with my thyroid (you might remember my thyroid glands were destroyed by the radiotherapy) or possibly something entirety different.


Rewind to last week, I was doing great managing a bit of scrambled egg and baked beans most days and even progressed to mash potatoes. ….. and my ice cream of course.


Oh and cauliflower with my mash and the soggy bit of the Yorkshire pud (I was a bit/lot over ambitious with what I put on my plate lol)





So Wednesday I was feeling worn out as I hadn’t slept that night but it was a lazy day so no real problems. Wednesday night I slept really well as I recall and was up and sorted early as I had to do school run as G was working.

I had to drive to Stamford to go to the hospital for a unpleasant procedure, to widen my urethra! !!! But it was just a day case and once it was over so was the pain mostly.  The traffic was bad on the way, so when I stopped at a petrol station I called the hospital to say I would be late… The lady I spoke to was very sweet and pretty much said, as long as it was still morning when I got there it would be fine. So I continue on the drive which I’ve done dozens of times and BANG, I’m being thrown back in my seat…. “what why how OUCH” are my initial thoughts. I had no idea what had happened.  I was in shock..i just sat there, a woman came over to me and I opened my window, WERE YOU ON YOUR PHONE she demands, no no its ( I go to point to it on the passenger seat but it’s been thrown into the foot well), no my phones gone I tell her.  She asks what’s happened and I realised I had no idea. The crash happened between 2 roundabouts, and I don’t even remember going around the first….. i started feeling really panicky, having no recollection was scary and tbh still is, before long the ambulance and police are there. I was taken to hospital to get checked over and the police moved my car etc. In fairness everyone was amazing especially a friend who I called, I was so shaken up, she was amazing she just went into auto pilot and called hubsters work and she collected my children who incidentally adore her.


Due to my history and having neck pain this is how i looked



And the car. .m




Coming back up to date I was released from hospital following the crash with just bruising, and from my stay with postural low blood pressure so nothing to worry about really.

Looking forward, the sky is the limit, I really want to enrol in some classes and want to make the effort to get out more. But for today I have washing to do heehee.

Here’s my latest video….

I’ve kicked cancers butt: http://youtu.be/xsKC20ScPEc


Smiling and Laughing

Well I have nearly finished my antibiotics from the hospital, and I’m feelin much much brighter. On leaving the hospital Daisy thanked my doctor “thank you, my mummy” I nearly cried it was adorable.  I had so many well wishes whilst I was it it really made me  smile.

We had tickets booked to see Russell Howard, G had booked them for use whilst I was still having treatment, so I had something to look forward to. Any wow it was amazing.  A very good friend had offered to have both D and K over night so we could go to Nottingham arena.

He was brilliant sooo so funny.  And it was so nice we were like teenagers laughing at rude jokes lol.

We were home really late it was like 2am and after some pain meds I slept like a log.

There’s something going around on Facebook atm its to post a pic of of yourself with no makeup on to raise awareness of cancer. So I posted this….


Its been shared loads of times on Facebook and I would love it to be shared more.

Oh and good news I managed some soft squidgy bread with lots of butter and pate it was amazing. 

Still smiling loving life

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Thursday. ..to Friday

So G came in early today to bring in some clothes and feed, oh and to see me. Unfortunately I was green around gills having had a ‘orrible night. The ward was really busy this morning so I hadn’t had my anti sickness tablets. So poor G ended up passing me bowls. But saying that they’ve changed my antibiotics slightly to help prevent the sickness and ‘other’ side effects.

G was here when the doctors came… they arrive in a little group…..perhaps its a gaggle of doctors or posse perhaps. Theres big
boss doctors who’s name I will never recall, there’s then tall doc with checked shirts and lady doc, she seems to be the one doing all the writing etc. My theory is her writing is the only one that’s readable lol.

Anyways the docs said as I’m struggling to keep my antibiotics down and still have an upset tum I need to stay put till Monday.  Although right this min I am feeling not too bad, but,  I’m due my antibiotics and that’s what sets off the sickness.  oh and I am IV fluids and medicine free now but look at this.



I’m also being seen by the dentist blokee, a tall slim doc with black rim “nerd” style glasses (only meant as description rather than observation on personality). I’ve been seeing them mainly as the think my arm tongue is very cool but also because my mouth started filling with sores again. So tall doc and his boss doc (who seems really nice incidentally) come to see me today, they did the usual poking and prodding and wished me well for going home soon. My nurse was in here and said well she has to shes got plans….. I told them I was seeing russle howard in Nottingham so must be well. Then out of nowhere tall/nerd doc says

“Do you find him attractive. “

meaning Russel Howard, it was so clinical the way he said it I blurted No (thinking, oh god why did he ask) in fairness I don’t think I would kick Russel Howard out of bed for farting but that’s for another day.

So off go the doctors and I’m left alone, again looking at this. Dank room with 2 windows with what looks like shower curtains as coverage.


I wondered if anyone uses Viber ? Its an app for both android and iPhones which uses wifi for calls txt and pictures… I’ve only just discovered it, my sister is using it in france so we can keep in touch.

I’ve been having visits from my nutritionist lady, she’s really sweet and teeeny tiny as I guess most nutritionist would be…any ways I’ve been allowed to try som yoghurt and custards etc, so far so good although the “little stars” yoghurt are too sharp and I’m not managing them. I’ve been weighed while I’m here and wowsers in 10st 6……. its mental, I’m the only one who seems happy about this, mum and drs not too happy but lets face it I’m not wasting away lol. From my very heaviest I’m now

8 stone lighter

high 5 to my silver lining.

Well I babbled on enough for now I’m going to try and watch a dvd on my laptop as its soooooo boring although my nurse keeps me smiling and the HCA’s are great too… here’s my nurse xx


This was at the end of a 12 hour shift and still smiling.

Smiles are contagious and make the wprld go round, share a smile.

I’m still smiling! !!!


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Still here.

Well I’m still here, still in QE Kings Lynn, still in isolation. 

I will be on my antibiotics for another 5 days and they are harsh… they have wrecked my veins…


The nurses are great though there’s 2 Portuguese nurses to keep making me smile and they are really lovely and on nights there’s a Portuguese male nurse to was push near to his limit last night by my feeding machine bleeping or my IV machine alarming. At one point I turned them both off.

Anyways no real updates other than my blood tests are looking good and I think I will be home friday.

I shared my sisters blog above as she’s on an amazing adventure and I’m so proud to call her my sister she can turn her hand to anything.  Love u Jo

Still smiling.
Missing my kids like mad and even missing grumpy knickers. Aka G

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Antibes, where everyone knows your name…

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My little sis….

Originally posted on Diaries of a Seasick Stew:

20140310-220024.jpg A lot has been going on! I haven’t stopped since getting here and it’s great! Last time I wrote was the night before my STCW. That’s all finished now and was a lot of fun – we did two and a half days of fire training which included learning how to wear breathing apparatus and navigate a building in the pitch black as a team to extinguish a fire. This is all because if your boat catches fire (the most common cause of a boat sinking) the crew are the ones who have to put it out. We also did a first aid course which was excellent because I’ve never been taught first aid so I feel a little bit safer now! The last bit was life raft training which again was a lot of fun – we had to do an abandon ship drill which meant putting the life…

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This may be brief… but its never boring…

So I came in to QE hospital Kings Lynn Wednesday afternoon it was bloody heaving so was 10 pm by the time I had my first meds, which caused an upset stomach meaning one thing in hospital……….. side room getting away fot 87 yr old Dorris shouts and bangs cups etc because apparently shes in the wrong bed or edna opposite who shouts  at dorris making her all the more volatile all ….at…..3…am. 

So friday night I take a turn for the worse feeling jittery hot cold and generally terrible my wonderful nurse was the muts nuts she made me feel extremely secure when I had been scared as I was on the mend other than trying to avoid refeeding syndrome so my pegs on a really low 25mls per hour.

So today… I had a few odd questions asked who’s in your home, who else stays there…..I answered n they seemed happy. Then some asked in anyone at home was sick PANIC PANIC PANIC  why what have I got have I made my children ill. Then nothing till I call g who says I’m downstairs. …. I was confused public health call him and told him I had a Group A invasive strep infection in my blood.  http://www.hpa.org.uk/topics/infectiousdiseases/infectionsaz/streptococcigroupa/frequentlyaskedquestions/

And ask him to come in for some antibiotics thankfully just for daisy as she had had an infection recently.

So I hear all this but haven’t actually been told anything and I looooooooose it I go crazy. How dare public health tell him before me…… I off the back of crazy mumma had a doctor explains things to me…

Thankfully I’ve not felt too bad this afternoon so haven’t concentrated too much on that. Especially thank you to my lovely Portuguese nurses.

Positives celulitus almost gone and my house now stinks of bleach

Course I’m still smiling

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